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Airplane for fintech: sensitive workflows, data protection, fraud investigation, and more

Building a product that interacts with financial systems and institutions tends to require a number of manual operational workflows. As a result, fintech and insurtech companies invest a significant amount of engineering effort into building internal workflows and processes for support, ops, risk, compliance, and other teams. This is why

Build an admin panel in 10 minutes with Airplane

One of the first things that a scaling startup builds as soon as they have a reasonable amount of customer volume is an admin panel, sometimes called an admin dashboard or control center. From here, people on support, customer success, ops, and other teams can read and write customer data

Airplane for SaaS: admin panels, customer onboarding, feature flags, and more

Airplane enables engineers at SaaS companies to focus on doing the thing they do best: building a great product. With Airplane, you can move quickly by transforming code into enterprise-grade internal apps in minutes that can be used by anyone on your team. Why SaaS companies choose AirplaneSaaS companies are

Integrating Airplane with AWS

Many Airplane users run tasks integrated with their production systems, and the overwhelming majority of users run their production systems on AWS. In this post, we'll walk through how you can easily integrate the two together! Via Self-Hosted AWS AgentsWith Airplane, you can self-host agents to run within your own