Changelog 11/19/21: Runbook schedules, session notifications, block inputs

This week we rolled out runbook schedules, released Slack notifications for failed sessions and for sessions waiting on manual inputs, and added the ability to use block inputs in JavaScript templates. If you have feature requests you'd like to see in future changelogs, let us know at

Runbook schedules

In addition to setting schedules for tasks, you can also create schedules for runbooks to automatically run operations on a recurring cadence. Check out this 5-min blog post on replacing cron with Airplane schedules.

Session notifications via Slack

Earlier this week, we rolled out Slack notifications for failed runbook sessions and for sessions waiting on a manual input to move forward. Airplane will now alert you when any of your sessions have failed with a link to the session.

You'll also receive an alert when your session is in a "waiting for input" status. This means the session is not yet terminated, but it requires a manual input to move forward (because you have a manual block on, for instance).

Block inputs in JS templates

The ability to use block inputs in JS templates went live this week. You can now refer to the input used by any block in a future block. Rather than copy and pasting things like emails across blocks, use an expression like {{email.input.recipients[0].email}} to refer to the "recipients" parameter of the "email" block. In this expression, email.input refers to all of the parameters. Read more about JavaScript templates in our docs.

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